KINDY ROOM - 3 to 5 years

When a child joins our Kindy room our staff aim to promote their individual independence and self-help skills.


Our room is designed so that children are presented with choices within a stimulating environment. The Educators interact and observe the children in their chosen experience or routine activity. These observations are used by staff to program experiences into each child’s daily routine.

The program is led by our early childhood teacher.

Programmed experiences focus on the children’s needs and interests and while they are preparing for kindy or school these experiences, in line with the Early Years Learning Framework, aim to build different learning and social skills.

During this time the children are using all of their social skills and thinking skills while extending their self help skills.
They are further developing their fine motor skills through activities such as cutting and drawing.

They will learn their colours, shapes, numbers and letters through a range of focused activities and worksheets in their portfolios.

The children also work on developing gross motor skills by enjoying a range of outdoor activities.

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Throughout the day the children enjoy a number of group time sessions where they enjoy learning new songs and rhymes, reading stories and sharing their special memories of their weekends, holidays and kindy/school visits.

All of the children enjoy a rest period where they may sleep or quietly enjoy relaxing music and looking at stories.


Our kitchen garden and worm farm are areas we use to teach the children about environmental sustainability.

Our programs

Your child is encouraged to build their independence and self-help skills and develop confidence in their abilities.

Your child will begin to learn the alphabet, colours and shapes and in preparation for kindy or school. 

Your child will develop basic writing and drawing skills and letter recognition.

Your child will make connections with their peers, their caregivers and the community.

Your child will build awareness of the environment, their own bodies in space.

They are encourage to build their thinking skills to find solutions and create outcomes.

Educators and resources

A creative team of energetic, caring and patient role models.

Our well-trained and experienced Educators excel in providing creative and unique experiences for the children.

Educator : Child Ratios
A mimimum 1 educator for each 10 children
A Qualified Early Childhood Teacher

Arts & Music

Staff share their talents and interests in:



Inside Environment
Large open plan versatile space for setting up multiple table activity stations.

Soft floor open space for floor activities and group time.

Comfortable cushions and furniture to enjoy some quiet time in a reading corner.

Large bathroom with multiple toilets and hand washing stations.

Outside Environment
Large outdoor area shared with toddler children.

A large creek bed for water play

Large undercover sandpit.

Large multipurpose undercover area with tables and chairs.

Comfortable and quiet spaces for quiet activities.

Vegetable garden

shapeimage kitchen